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Three Excitation Modes of Stepping Motor

The basic operation mode of stepping motor is called “excitation mode”, which can make stepping motor work in full-step mode, half-step mode and micro-step mode, among which micro-step mode can effectively reduce the noise of phase current of stepping motor and improve the inherent noise and vibration problem of stepping motor.

Stepping Motor

The following are the details of the three excitation modes.

  1. Full step mode
    The full-step mode is to design a fixed step angle according to the inherent structure of the motor. With one electric pulse, the stepping motor advances by one step angle. This step angle is determined by the design structure of the motor, which can also be understood as that the motor rotates at the maximum step angle.
  2. Half step mode
    Half-step mode is to rotate step by step at half the step angle determined by the inherent structure of the motor. The total number of poles of the stepping motor is 4 stages, and the corresponding step angle is 90 degrees, so in the half-step mode, the stepping motor rotates 45 degrees per pulse.
  3. Micro-step mode
    The micro-step mode is similar to the half-step mode, with smaller step angles, i.e. 1/4 step, 1/8 step and 1/16 step, which can achieve high subdivision. The corresponding step angle is the step angle multiplied by the microstep coefficient in the whole step.

The smaller the step angle of the stepping motor is, the higher the machining accuracy will be, and the larger the error of the corresponding step angle will be.