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Industrial Fan EC motor PCB

Introduction of Industrial Fan

Industrial fans refer to fans specially used for ventilation and high-temperature smoke exhaust in tunnels, underground garages, high-grade civil buildings, metallurgy, factories and mines and other places. It is mainly composed of impeller, casing, inlet current collector, deflector and motor. These include industrial axial flow fans, centrifugal fans, high temperature and fire fighting fans, power station fans, and special fans used in special environments.

Fan system can be said to be applied in a wide range of places. Small to household, large to industrial fans, even wind turbines. The core PCB has become an unconfirmed part of the fan.

High Voltage Motor Performance Requirements In Industrial Fan

4)Sinusoid driven, continuous duty
5)Sine wave control mode

PCB For High Voltage Motor In Industrial Fan

Industrial Fan EC motor PCB

The printed circuit board is driven by sine wave with low running noise and can provide larger torque of the motor. Cycle-by-cycle over-current protection protects the power level from over-current, and the board can operate at ambient temperatures up to 85 ℃. And can realize the motor speed regulation, control and other functions. Most of them are made of steel double-layer copper plate, which conforms to most fan motor parameters in the market, but can still be customized according to customer requirements.

Functional parameters:

1.Sine wave control mode
2.Hall sensor commutation
3.With current limiting protection
4.High temperature test
5.With analog voltage speed regulation function
6.With EMC and PFC

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