Your Motor Controller Customization Service Specialist

Welcome to our website, our company is Ningbo HaoFeng Motion Co., Ltd.

Ningbo HaoFeng Motion Co., Ltd. was established in 2011 as a control board customization service company in a new era. With our own experience in developing motor applications, we can provide a complete set of solutions and products for motors and controllers. The OEM factory with driver/controller has the software and hardware development strength in the field of motor control.

In this regard, we have the advantage of price competition and the ability of independent research and development, and truly achieve the combination of efficient service & lowest price & excellent quality.

Our goal

Committed to become the driver/controller domain customization & service & solution integration expert.

Our product conception

Speciality & Efficiency & Customization & Technology

Simply, you can call us HF Motion in short.

H means our driver/controller has a Huge number of customized service programs. All kinds of fields, all kinds of applications, as long as you have needs, we can tailor-made for you.

F means we have a Firm belief to serve our customers every time.
We’re going to cater to your every wish.