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Swimming Pool Flow Pump

Swimming Pool Flow Pump

Introduction of swimming pool flow pump

With the improvement of life quality and the increase of people’s skills, swimming has become a hot sport. The increase in the number of people and frequent use is a huge test for the water quality of swimming pools.
Therefore, an excellent swimming pool flow pump plays an important role in improving water quality and reducing maintenance costs.
The flow pump produced and developed by us can run at a specific and precise speed according to the different needs of customers.
Our precise speed operation means that we can run at a low speed, which can greatly reduce the energy consumption of the motor and save energy expenditure, such as filtering at night. At the same time, the motor is also equipped with backwashing function, which can improve the efficiency and remove the impurities in the filter.

Motor characteristics

  1. Used with PMSM motor, the efficiency can be guaranteed (can be kept above 88%-90%).
  2. High and low speed automatic/manual adjustment.
  3. Low noise (maintained at about 40DB).
  4. Adapting to outdoor environment and high and low temperature drop, closed fan dissipates heat.

Motor parameters:

1) Speed=900RPM-2800RPM
2) Voltage=220V/110V
3) Continuous duty
4) Power=1100W/1500W/2200W
5) Sine wave control mode/Square wave control mode

PCB For Swimming Pool Flow Pump

PCB For Swimming Pool Flow Pump

PCB will be customized according to the motor, and can be customized according to the customer’s needs for high and low voltage. It can automatically or regularly set the high and low rotation speed conversion of the motor, and has overload, overheating and other protection functions. There are also sine wave or square wave for you to choose from.

Functional parameters:

  1. Sine/Square wave control mode
  2. 110V/220V Voltage
  3. Scheduled and weekly planned operation
  4. Overload overheating protection functions, etc
  5. Backwashing function
  6. New generation man-machine interaction system

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