Your Motor Controller Customization Service Specialist

Who are we:

Focus on driver/controller production and research for 9 years. HF-Motion has been serving customers with all its heart and soul since its inception.
At the same time, we are constantly updating and improving, constantly breaking through at the technical level and being able to independently develop programming systems to meet the different needs of customers.

We Have & We Provide:

  1. Professional team, professional service
  2. Conscientious and responsible team is responsive to customers’ demands.
  3. Efficient and reliable working system, communicate with customers and work together.
  4. Experience in serving Western, Asian and North America companies. We also have tight connections to other area, where the FedEx or DHL can deliver, that we can do the business with you.
  5. Fast and efficient communication methods which can be used to talk with us in major mainstream chat tools or Emails.
  6. End-to-end service. Even if our customers don’t know much about the controller board, we will provide help and accurate product solutions. In short, we support our customers at every step of the process.

Other Reasons To Choose HF Motion:

  1. Professional technology and equipment
  2. Enthusiastic and responsible partners
  3. Quality certification
  4. 9 years of International professionals
  5. Services in 55 countries
why choose us

What we could do

From the traditional purchasing mode of driver/controller, we can find problems from it:
For example, long delivery period, high price and unsmooth docking lead to deviation in product production. HF-Motion takes customers as the center and adopts a one-to-one method to tailor the scheme for each customer, greatly accelerating the work efficiency. So that the product can be more perfect.
Our company’s aim is to always stand by customers, provide convenience and efficiency, and let them enjoy the best purchase experience.

TYPE Layer Area(X=?㎡) Fastest delivery Urgent delivery Normal delivery
FR4 1-2Layer X≤0.2 1 day 2 days 3-4 days
  0.2<X≤3 2 days 2 days 4-5 days
  3<X≤10 TBD TBD 7-8 days
  10<X≤50 TBD TBD 8-10 days
  X>50 TBD TBD ≥12 days
4Layer X≤0.2 2 days 3 days 5 days
  0.2<X≤3 3 days 3-4 days 5-6 days
  3<X≤10 TBD TBD 9-10 days
  10<X≤50 TBD TBD 11-12 days
  X>50 TBD TBD ≥13 days
6Layer X≤0.2 3 days 3-4 days 6 days
  0.2<X≤3 4 days 4-5 days 7 days
  3<X≤10 TBD TBD 10-12 days
  10<X≤50 TBD TBD 12-14 days
  X>50 TBD TBD ≥14 days
8Layer X≤0.2 4 days 5 days 7 days
  0.2<X≤3 5 days 6 days 8 days
  3<X≤10 TBD TBD 12-14 days
  10<X≤50 TBD TBD 13-15 days
  X>50 TBD TBD ≥15 days
Aluminum Single side X≤0.2 1 day 1-2 days 3 days
  0.2<X≤3 1 day 1-2 days 3-4 days
  3<X≤10 TBD TBD 7-8 days
  10<X≤50 TBD TBD 8-10 days
  X>50 TBD TBD ≥12 days
Double side X≤0.2 TBD TBD 4-5 days
  0.2<X≤3 TBD TBD 5-6 days
  3<X≤10 TBD TBD 9-10 days
  10<X≤50 TBD TBD 11-12 days
  X>50 TBD TBD ≥15 days
ItemProduct quantityNormal deliveryFastest delivery
SMT1-5003 days1 day
SMT>20006 days3 days
SMT+DIP1-5005 days4 days
SMT+DIP501-20007-8 days5 days
SMT+DIP>200010-12 days8 days