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Intelligent Pump System Motor PCB

Intelligent Pump System Motor PCB
Intelligent Pump System Motor PCB

Principle Of System Operation

The intelligent pump system is composed of a control panel, motor with sensor, pressure sensor, and a water pump. The current case is 220V AC/380VAC power supplying the controller to control the motor, meanwhile the motor sensor transfers the location signal to the controller. The pressure sensor in the pump system transmit the pressure value to the controller, based on these pressure value, the controller carries on the real-time speed control. thereby achieve the function of constant pressure of the whole pump system.

Moreover, the controllers can be connected to the buses, the controller can control different motors, if the pressure is insufficient, the other motors would work simultaneously to keep the constant pressure. meanwhile, to avoid other pumps from rust.

High Voltage Motor Performance Requirements In Pump Systems

1) Power=1000W-5000W
2) Diameter of Stator: 110mm( to compatible with current housing)
3) Hall-sensor
4) Sinusoid driven, power factor PF=1, continuous duty
6)Sine wave control mode

PCB For High Voltage Motor In Pump Systems

Intelligent Pump System Motor PCB

The PCB is driven by sine wave with low noise. IPM module is adopted to ensure stable operation. And it can realize the motor speed regulation, control and other functions. Most of them are made of steel double-layer copper plate, which conforms to most pump motor parameters in the market, but can still be customized according to customer requirements.

Functional parameters:

1.Sine wave control mode
2.Hall sensor commutation
3.With current limiting protection
4.With locked-rotor protection
5.With analog voltage speed regulation function
6.With slow start function
7.With EMC and PFC

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