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Household Motor Controller

Ceiling Fan in Household

Household refers to some electrical or electronic products that we use in our daily life. There are a wide range of products, covering a wide range of categories.

Of course, this time we would focus on one of the household appliances — the
ceiling fan. Because of its remote control design, it is typical and intuitive in the field of PCB controller control.

Low Voltage Motor Performance Requirements In Ceiling Fan

1)Voltage=12Vdc — 24Vdc
2)Power= about 35W
4)Continuous duty
5)Sine wave/Square wave control mode

PCB For Low Voltage Motor In Ceiling Fan

Household Controller

The printed circuit board adopts sine wave or square wave control scheme, and different driving modes can make the motor controller adapt to more application occasions. It has basic speed regulation and protection functions. It can even be equipped with special infrared remote control lines. The invention can well cope with the heat dissipation problem caused by long-term operation. At the same time, it also supports the development of customized functions.

Functional parameters:

1.Speed regulation for 5th gear
2.Fan stall protection, over-current and over-voltage protection
3.Wireless infrared remote control
4.Upwind start
5.The starting inversion angle is small

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