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Where is the speed limit line of brushless motor controller?

The speed limit line of the brushless motor controller can adjust the pulse width of the motor, which can limit the maximum value of voltage adjustment.
The two white wires from the controller will be wrapped in yellow heat shrinkable tube at the end, just pull it out.

brushless motor controller

Whether it is an electric moped or a bicycle, the controller of the motor will have different characteristics for different vehicle types, and the maximum pulse width will control the core devices according to the speed limit wires, so that the voltage can be adjusted with convenient control and minimum power consumption.

Brushless motor with electronic commutator can replace the mechanical commutator of brush motor, and independently operate the control function to control and protect the motor. When the control board does not work, the DC power supply interacts with the magnet of the rotor, so the direction of the coil number setting current is different.