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Permanent magnet brushless motor with controller

The permanent magnet brushless motor with controller, as its name implies, is an all-in-one machine combining controller and motor, and the controller is installed on the upper or side of the motor in a backpack manner.

Basic functions

  1. Accurate positioning, speed and torque control.
  2. Absolute position
  3. Digital input, digital output.
  4. Integrated temperature monitoring function to prevent overload.
  5. Run smoothly.
  6. Long service life.


  1. Convenient programming: The motor parameter setting is fast and convenient, and can be programmed with special software. With the integrated oscilloscope, all values can be seen in milliseconds.
  2. Quick installation: The motor, controller and encoder constitute an integrated device with compact structure, which has low requirements on space and wiring, and can reduce the installation cost.
  3. Flexible control: The motor can be controlled by field bus, pulse/direction and digital/analog input, or integrated into the existing control design, and can also adopt single machine operation mode.
  4. Maximizing performance: Combined with the operation feedback of parameters, the optimal performance and cycle time can be achieved through field-based torque, speed and positioning control.

HF Motion product:

It is the design mode of all-in-one machine that combines performance with beauty, which is easy to control and efficient to run.