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Driving scheme of brushless DC air cooler

brushless DC air cooler

Functional features:

  1. It can be applied to the electric drive of DC brushless air cooler with built-in communication protocol, and can be quickly configured and used.
  2. Support input voltage 12V~60V, stable output current 10A and instantaneous current 30A.
  3. Operation signal function board can be externally connected. It can be configured to support potentiometer, analog signal, logic level, switch value, serial and other input signals.
  4. External Hall input is supported, and the driver can support Hall-sensors drive and sensorless drive.
  5. Support duty cycle speed regulation (voltage regulation), torque control (steady current and speed) and speed closed-loop control (steady speed).
  6. Support motor speed measurement, support motor locked-rotor detection/locked-rotor limit stop.
  7. Support voltage range configuration and logic level voltage configuration of analog signals, and support voltage range of 0~3.3V for analog signals. Support analog signal linearity adjustment and logic level threshold configuration.
  8. Very small PWM dead time, only 2.5us, effective range of PWM 3%~100%.
  9. Support acceleration and deceleration buffer time and acceleration control, and support current buffer ramp up.
  10. Motor PID regulation and control, quick response to motor current limit, and configurable maximum start/load current. Support motor overload and locked rotor current limit to prevent overcurrent from damaging the motor.
  11. Support high voltage, low voltage, overcurrent, overload and locked rotor protection.
  12. Two relays are supported to control 220VAC output.
  13. 16kHz PWM frequency, no PWM electromagnetic sound in motor speed regulation.

Other specific functions could also be customized.