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New driver scheme of Air Cooler

The air cooler in the market will adopt the design scheme of permanent magnet synchronous motor. It is suitable for the high voltage fluctuation range of 180VAC~250VAC and 50/60Hz. The FOC position-less driving mode is adopted for driving, which is competent for high-intensity S1 working system, and the noise generated during stable operation is very small, and the fluctuation range of rotating speed is about 1%. Have strong long-term stable operation ability.

Customer's driver sample
Customer’s driver sample
Controller PCB Size
Controller PCB Size

Speed can be adjusted by switching potentiometer. When the motor runs, the water pump motor and the swing motor run at the same time; Or it can be controlled and adjusted by the display panel. It has many safety features, such as overvoltage protection and overcurrent protection. In addition, it also has a temperature sensor interface, which can display the temperature on the display panel.

Integrated diagram of motor and controller:

Integrated diagram of motor and controller
Integrated diagram of motor and controller

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