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What protection does the controller have for the motor?

What is motor protection?

Motor protection refers to the function of protecting the motor when there are problems such as overload, lack of phase, locked rotor, short circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage, leakage and overheating, etc., so as to strive for comprehensive protection for the motor.

Motor controller

Common types under motor protection:

  1. Thermal relay.
  2. Electronic protector.
  3. Intelligent protector.
  4. Thermal protection type protector.
  5. Magnetic field temperature detection type protector.

Controller as the switch and general adjustment of the motor, which also comes with powerful self-protection function. For example, when the instantaneous current received by the motor is too large, the connection of the controller would be disconnected immediately.

Different controllers may have different protection functions, but basic overcurrent, overvoltage, undercurrent and undervoltage protection is available.