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How to adjust the speed of the servo motor?

The followings are the speed regulation modes of different types of servo motors:

servo motor
  1. If the servo motor is an AC motor, it is the speed regulation of DC frequency conversion equipment; If the servo motor is a DC brushless motor, it is the DC power supply DC transformer speed regulation; All servo motors can be used as servo motors of PLC motor speed control power circuit.
  2. The start-up, acceleration, uniform speed, deceleration and stop instructions on the speed subroutine of servo motor are all carried out and output by PLC electronic counter.

These kinds of operation instructions reach the speed control power supply circuit, which promotes the start, acceleration, uniform speed, deceleration and stop of the servo motor.

  1. Position loop is an electronic counter of PLC. The number of instruction pulses obtained by users is taken as minuend, and the single pulse of feedback from servo motor is taken as count-down single pulse. The output number of electronic counter is compared with that obtained by comparison power circuit, and various operation instructions are output.
  2. The speed governor is used to change the transmission ratio, which is usually used in the reducer with relatively small power, but the linearity can not be reached, so it needs to be adjusted by hand.
  3. Modify the basic parameters of the control board to change the transmission ratio of the servo motor.
  4. Use reducer interconnection to change transmission ratio.
  5. Use the relative positioning instruction or a certain precise positioning instruction to change (first give the low gear monopulse equivalent to 100 laps, use the monopulse to carry out the M point, and promote the instruction of height return).