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HF Motion PCBA Service

In response to different customer groups and requirements, we will provide corresponding services. In order to be able to answer the customer’s doubts and solve the customer’s needs in the shortest possible time. Details are as follows:

  1. One-stop Production and Assembly: The factory can complete all PCBA assembly lines only by providing solutions from customers.
  2. Component Assembly Service: Provide single assembly of complex or other special components.
  3. Assembly Service of Prototype PCB: The rapid assembly of prototype PCB can be completed in the shortest time, greatly shortening the time of customers.
  4. Assembly of Small/Large Quantities of PCB: Batch assembly, professional assembly line, professional testing equipment, quality control.
  5. Commissioned PCB Assembly Service: Using PCB and components provided by customers, the factory provides assembly services.
  6. Professional Parts Purchasing Service: Able to purchase required parts for customers from subordinate suppliers, with short time consumption and safe and reliable quality.