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What’s the different between PCB and PCBA

PCB — Printed circuit board
It is the starting point and one of the raw materials for the whole process. It is also a blank board without any function. And can be widely applied in many fields, such as household appliances, specialized motor fields, etc. Of course, this requires PCBA processing technology, which we will describe later.

According to the number of PCB layers, we can divide them into:

  1. Single-layer PCB
    There is only one side, so design and production are more convenient and therefore common.
  2. Double-layer PCB
    The double-layer design can reduce the area required by the board and provide convenience for some fields requiring size regulation.
  3. Multi-layer PCB
    The most complex and the highest cost, the same volume can provide convenience for the installation of more components.

PCBA — PCB Assembly
The process of assembling components according to designated positions and giving PCB various functions through procedures.

So the difference is:
PCB refers to Printed Circuit Board, which could also be interpreted as a blank board with no function. PCBA refers to PCB Assembly, it refers to the process of assembling various components on PCB. At the same time, the PCBA products are also the final products that customers need. We will test them before sending them to customers. All functions shall be verified before they are qualified.

Before placing an order, customers should inform us of the required functions, components, dimensions and other information.