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What are the daily maintenance tasks of servo motor?

Users of servo motors often do not pay attention to the oil seal of the motor to ensure the improvement of the running speed of the motor.

  1. The servo motor can be used in places that will be invaded by water and oil drops, but it is not completely waterproof or oil-proof, so the servo motor should not be placed in water or oil-invaded environment.
  2. If the servo motor is connected to a deceleration device, the servo motor should be oil sealed to prevent the oil in the deceleration device from entering the servo motor.
  3. Do not immerse the cable of servo motor in water or oil.
servo motor

Shaft end load that servo motor could bear:

  1. Ensure that the radial and axial loads applied to the servo motor shaft during installation and operation are controlled within the specified values of different models.
  2. When installing a rigid coupling, pay attention to the maintenance of servo motor, especially the excessive bending load may lead to the wear and even failure of shaft end and bearing.
  3. It is best to use the flexible coupling so that the radial load is lower than the specified value, and the flexible coupling is also specially designed for servo motors with high mechanical strength