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Industry background

In the past few years, due to factors such as precision, speed and cooperation of drive and control system of Chenille fabric controlled equipment, the old equipment has been using the scheme of three-phase asynchronous motor with high energy consumption and belt pulley speed increase, which is simple, reliable and low in cost, but has obvious shortcomings, such as high energy consumption, slow speed, low output, and tedious wire changing for products with different specifications. The yarn count is between 5 and 10, and the products with larger yarn particle diameter can only be used to weave interior decoration ornaments such as sofa cover, bedspread, bed blanket, table blanket, carpet, wall decoration and curtain.

For the enterprise boss who weaves chenille yarn, the technical barriers in the industry are not high, but the competitiveness of products with more people is the first factor. It is understood that textile enterprises use old equipment to pay a little electricity: the annual electricity expenditure accounts for 30%-40% of the total expenditure; Complicated operation: it takes 3-5 days for the mechanic to change the pulley of the rotary seat every time he weaves yarns of different specifications; Product texture: low-speed motor can not make finer yarn, better quality yarn; In the following years, energy-saving permanent magnet motors (permanent magnet synchronous motors, brushless motors, asynchronous start synchronous motors) have been applied to the textile industry one after another. Promote the industry equipment to be more intelligent, energy-saving and efficient, but the innovation is not thorough, because their high speed is based on the speed increase of pulley, and once the speed is high, the belt is easy to slip, and the quality department is stable when the yarn is woven. Compared with permanent magnet synchronous motor, brushless motor and asynchronous start-up synchronous motor, high-speed Chenille motor equipment is more stable in yarn making, and thick yarn can also save 30% of energy consumption, while spinning is 40% higher than that of old equipment with the same energy consumption. The application of fine yarn can be made at high rotating speed, and there is no belt slip phenomenon. Business owners can weave the raw materials and apply them in the field of knitted garments, and the product competition is broader. Faster speed, smarter, higher productivity and simple operation have won unanimous favor from new and old customers.

Textile Machinery Controller

Controller scheme

DescriptionRotary motor controllerSpindle motor controllerGearbox stepping motorStep motor for feeding knife
Input Voltage220V220V24Vdc24Vdc
Voltage fluctuation range+/-10%+/-10%  
Speed regulating range6000rpm~24000rpm6000rpm~12000rpm35rpm-150rpm35rpm-150rpm
Motor sensor typeHallHall  
Motor typepermanent magnetismPermanent magnetic waveStepperStepper
Controller classificationRotary motor driveRotary  motor drive
Mode of speed regulation485485PulsePulse
Controller and motor protectionOvervoltage protectionOvercurrent protectionLocked rotor protectionOvervoltage protectionOvercurrent protectionLocked rotor protection
Optional management functionsEthernet connection function PC digital communication (485/CAN)Ethernet connection function PC digital communication (485/CAN)

The form of driving

Textile Machinery Controller

As shown in the figure, one controller can control six motors, and each motor can maintain a high speed, reaching 25,000+12,000 rpm. And supports a variety of human-computer interactions, and the mobile APP can also support interaction.

In order to cope with the multi-axis motor system, our controller has the following design scheme:

multi-axis motor system
Textile Machinery Controller

Of course, the chenille quality produced under this system is also superior:

chenille quality

Functional parameters:

1.Independent research and development of motor controller to reduce procurement costs.
2.Controller integration, integrated on a board to achieve lightness and simplification, function 6 in 1.
3.The controller has developed the cloud networking function, which can realize remote output sampling monitoring and remote program update.
4.Controllable pulse signal.
5.Various protection functions

Characteristics and advantages of the scheme

  1. Compact design:
    The integrated design of motor and controller ensures compact appearance, saves tedious wiring and is convenient for end customers.
  2. High stability design:
    The controller adopts advanced vector control technology to reduce torque ripple and provide smooth speed regulation performance.
  3. High performance
    The motor adopts NdFeB magnet with high performance and high coercivity to avoid the failure of the motor due to high temperature demagnetization, and there are many protection modes to protect the motor from burning due to overcurrent and overvoltage
  4. Two motors are synchronized
    Multi-motor system operates, and one drive can control 6 motors. Two motors are synchronized, which can effectively replace the belt reduction ratio.

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