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Conveyor Belt Motor Controller

Conveyor Belt Motor Controller

Introduction of conveyor belt equipment

The conveyor belt is affected by the technological progress of machinery manufacturing, motor, chemical industry and metallurgical industry. Constantly improve has gradually developed from completing the transportation within the workshop to completing the material handling within enterprises, between enterprises and even between cities, and has become an indispensable part of the mechanization and automation of the material handling system. Now we introduce plate conveyor belt equipment which is widely used in logistics industry. It is available in both fixed and mobile versions.

As attached is the asynchronous motor widely used before:

Conveyor Belt Motor Controller

However, there are some problems, such as inability to adjust speed, low efficiency (≤40%), too large volume and so on.

New Motor characteristics

  1. Equipped with intelligent speed control system.
  2. Using with planetary reducer, the efficiency can reach ≥80%.
  3. Ultra long endurance, and can also install batteries.
  4. The frequency converter is installed, and the voltage drops from 220Vac/380Vac to 24Vdc safe voltage, which has high safety operability.
  5. Small size, convenient installation and beautiful appearance.
  6. Low price and high cost performance.
  1. Highly automated
  2. High efficiency
  3. Super long standby
  4. Safe
  5. Exquisite design
  6. Competitive price
Conveyor Belt Motor Controller
Conveyor Belt Motor Controller

Motor parameters:

1) Speed=190RPM-200RPM(After reduced)
2) Voltage=24Vdc/220Vac
3) Continuous duty
4) Power=90W~100W
5) Reduction ratio i=1:15(planetary reducer)

Controller For conveyor belt motor

Conveyor Belt Motor Controller

This type of controller is a four-zone control device. This means that up to four brushless DC motors and four area sensors can be connected and controlled at the same time.

Used with motors, one controller belt with four 100W permanent magnet motors (each brushless motor is rated at 3,000 rpm, and the current is about 5A), and could be realized without Hall sensor, the BLDC/FOC modes can be switched at the same time. It also has basic protection settings such as overcurrent and overvoltage, which can be used by an external display screen, and can be customized according to customer requirements.
In general, on the premise that the price remains basically unchanged, the functions of energy saving and high efficiency, universal battery/power supply, compact body, greater overload and speed regulation are added

Functional parameters:

  1. With four motors running, the rotating speed is basically synchronous
  2. 24Vdc safe working voltage/220Vac universal voltage
  3. All functions and I/O terminals have LED status display
  4. Overload overheating protection functions, etc
  5. Adjustable rotating speed with high precision
  6. Intelligent human-computer interaction interface

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