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  • Introduction of Flexible Printed Circuit Board

    Introduction of Flexible Printed Circuit Board

    The PCB involved in the above mentioned application products are all rigid boards. Of course, there are also some applications that require special flexible material PCB. Basic introduction: FlexiblePrintedCircuit board (FPC), also known as flexible circuit board and flexible circuit boar ...

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  • What's the SMT(Surface Mount Technology)?

    What’s the SMT(Surface Mount Technology)?

    Since PCB came out, it has been popular in many fields. In order to meet the needs of all walks of life, PCB is endowed with various functions and needs to be used with various components. Therefore SMT technology also arises at the historic moment. Basic concept SMT is an English abbreviatio ...

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  • How to purchase PCBA product online on HF Motion?

    How to purchase PCBA product online on HF Motion?

    PCBA products, with their small size and powerful and diverse functions, shine brilliantly in various fields and even become one of the core components in the field. From small household appliances to aerospace defense, PCB has its place. The popularization of Internet not only broadens the visi ...

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  • Why do we use rigid PCB?

    Why do we use rigid PCB?

    As we known, rigid PCB is a hard board, relatively simple to make, and on this basis can be divided into single layer, double layer, multilayer, etc. Rigid PCB Advantage: Simple manufacture, low cost and low priceIt is not easy to deform and bend, greatly reducing the risk of damage.Reduce no ...

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  • What's the different between PCB and PCBA

    What’s the different between PCB and PCBA

    PCB — Printed circuit board It is the starting point and one of the raw materials for the whole process. It is also a blank board without any function. And can be widely applied in many fields, such as household appliances, specialized motor fields, etc. Of course, this requires PCBA processi ...

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  • Why we need PCB?

    Why we need PCB?

    Printed circuit board (PCB), is an important electronic component, is the support of electronic components, is the carrier of electronic components electrical connection. For controllers in many fields, PCB can be said to be the core and the most critical accessory. This is especially true in th ...

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