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How to purchase PCBA product online on HF Motion?

PCBA products, with their small size and powerful and diverse functions, shine brilliantly in various fields and even become one of the core components in the field. From small household appliances to aerospace defense, PCB has its place.

The popularization of Internet not only broadens the vision, but also facilitates the development of online shopping. Today you can also buy your favorite PCBA products online. On the HF Motion website, you need to prepare and understand the following steps:

  1. Prepare the principle design drawing in advance

PCBA production process requires a large number of components to be installed. If we redesign the production process, it will cost more time and resources. However, if relevant drawings and designs can be provided in advance, we can carry out customized services according to customer’s requirements, thus greatly reducing the time required, and of course including various functions to be noted.

  1. Prototype Testing

After the PCBA products are manufactured according to the first step, we will arrange the prototype for testing.
According to the requirements of customers, we will carry out one-by-one tests to ensure the normal operation of these functions in future batches of PCB. Of course, this stage is also the stage for us to investigate problems, and problems can be improved in time.
This prototype can be tested by us, and can also be seen by customers or tested by themselves.

  1. Check and test phase

Every piece of PCBA finished product needs factory inspection. Only qualified products will be delivered to customers. Of course, customers can also visit our factory.

  1. Payment

Customers have the following payment methods:
In some cases, payment may be required according to pre-orders, with all payments being made in advance.
There are also some cases where phased payments are made. Pay according to the quantity we have completed (percentage). After the percentage of products in this stage are paid and manufactured, the next stage of production will begin.
Of course, there are still some who need to pay a deposit in advance and then make up the full amount after the generation is completed.
Sometimes prototype also need to be paid for. Of course, the price of the prototype can be returned when the batch order is placed.

  1. Manufacturing and transportation

After the payment is completed, with the customer’s design, we will proceed with the production. According to the delivery date, we will complete the production and delivery of the products. Finally complete the whole order.
In general, the process is relatively simple, of course, the most important thing is the customer’s design.