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HF Motion PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly refers to PCBA, which is the PCB components assembly process. According to different PCB, we have the following PCBA methods:

  1. Most basic is Through-Hole Technology (THT): Punching holes to install components, which is relatively simple.
  2. The combination of SMD+PTH technology can meet the requirements of mass production and has high degree of freedom. It is generally applicable to single-sided hybrid PCB Assembly.
  3. Using surface mount technology (SMT): components are installed according to the layout by pasting solder paste in advance, which is suitable for double-sided surface PCB assembly.
  4. For the installation of large-scale integrated circuits, we will comprehensively use a variety of ASIC and interface components, which are installed on both sides of the PCB. Meanwhile, the circuit board may have several intermediate layers. Suitable for double-sided hybrid PCB assembly.