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Brushless motor driver and intelligent control technology

The output power of the brushless motor control system is not large, and the armature system for driving electric equipment is not complicated, and is controlled by the control circuit. Brushless motor control drive circuit consists of high-power switching devices.

Brushless motor driver

It is precisely because of the emergence of thyristor that the DC motor has made a leap from brushless to brushless. However, because thyristor is a semi-controlled switching device with only control on, but no self-off capability, its switching frequency is low, which can not meet the further improvement of the performance of brushless motor controller.

With the rapid development of brushless motor control technology, fully controlled brushless motor control devices have emerged, including brushless transistor, power field effect transistor, IGBT module of metal gate bipolar transistor, integrated gate commutation thyristor and newly developed electron injection enhanced gate transistor. With the continuous improvement of the performance of these power devices, the corresponding driving circuit controlled by brushless motor has also developed rapidly.

At present, brushless motor control devices are replacing ordinary thyristors with complex circuits, huge volumes and lack of functions. The driving circuit has changed from linear amplification state to pulse width modulation switching state, and the corresponding circuit composition has also changed from power tube discrete circuit to modular integrated circuit, which has created conditions for the realization of intelligent, high-frequency and miniaturization of brushless motor control.