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Application of vacuum pump motor – Brushless DC Motor

Brushless DC motor vacuum pump, whose function is simple, uses brushless DC motor as power, which can pump out the air in the container and then send it to a container or directly exhaust it to the atmosphere. Brushless DC motor vacuum pump, often used for online sampling, air pumping, air suction, etc.

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Working principle

Brushless DC motor vacuum pump uses the brushless DC motor as the power, and the circular motion of the motor makes the diaphragm in the pump reciprocate through mechanical devices, so that the air in the pump cavity with a fixed volume is compressed and stretched to form a vacuum (negative pressure), and a pressure difference is generated between the pump suction port and the external atmospheric pressure. Under the action of the pressure difference, the gas is pressed (sucked) into the pump cavity and then discharged from the exhaust port. Micro-vacuum pump generally uses DC motor, and the volume of AC motor can’t be very small. The service life of vacuum pump with brushless DC motor is much longer than that of brush motor.

Advantages of DC Brushless Motor Vacuum Pump

1.Long service life: better raw materials, equipment and technology are used to manufacture pump components, which can increase the service life exponentially; All moving parts are made of durable products, and with high-quality brushless motors, the service life of the pump can be improved in all directions.

2.Brushless motor technology:

(1)PWM speed regulation function: the flow rate of the pump can be directly adjusted by the circuit (PWM pulse width modulation) without valve adjustment at all, thus simplifying the gas path system and meeting various applications such as different loads and constant flow rate.
(2) Motor feedback function: There is a motor speed feedback signal (FG) line, which can know the flow change of the pump. It is very convenient to realize closed-loop control through the cooperation of FG signal and PWM function, which makes your system more intelligent. It is far superior to the open-loop control of most motors at present (given the signal adjustment, the motor will end after completing the action, whether it has been achieved or not, and how much it has been achieved can not be confirmed, let alone the next control according to the feedback).
(3) Motor start-stop function: control different voltages (0 ~ 5V) to control the start and stop.
(4) There are other rich speed regulation functions (built-in point controller, external potentiometer, analog signal, pulse frequency, etc.).
(5) Low interference: unlike the brush motor, there will be noise that pollutes the power supply, interferes with electronic components, and even causes the control circuit and LCD screen to crash; It won’t interfere with the control circuit.
(6) Self-protection function with over-temperature, under-voltage and overload protection.

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