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  • Square wave control principle of brushless motor

    Square wave control principle of brushless motor

    1.Theoretical basis of square wave control Square wave control is also called six-step control. In an electrical cycle, the motor has only six states, or the stator current has six states (three-phase bridge arm has six switching states). Each cu ...   Read more

  • What are the daily maintenance tasks of servo motor?

    What are the daily maintenance tasks of servo motor?

    Users of servo motors often do not pay attention to the oil seal of the motor to ensure the improvement of the running speed of the motor. The servo motor can be used in places that will be invaded by water and oil drops, but it is not completely ...   Read more

  • What is the principle of sine wave signal generating circuit?

    What is the principle of sine wave signal generating circuit?

    Sinusoidal wave generator can produce sine wave output, which is formed by adding positive feedback on the basis of amplification circuit. It is the core circuit of various waveform generators and signal sources. Sine wave oscillation circuit ...   Read more

  • New driver scheme of Air Cooler

    New driver scheme of Air Cooler

    The air cooler in the market will adopt the design scheme of permanent magnet synchronous motor. It is suitable for the high voltage fluctuation range of 180VAC~250VAC and 50/60Hz. The FOC position-less driving mode is adopted for driving, which is ...   Read more


What are the three control modes of servo motor controller?

They are speed control mode, torque control mode and position control mode. Among them, speed control and torque control are controlled by analog quantity, and position control is controlled by pulse. According to the customer’s needs, choose among these three control modes. ... + Read more

What will the poor layout of the motor controller chip cause?

As we all know, poor layout can lead to poor EMI performance, poor heat dissipation, or motor controller equipment can not work normally sometimes. Most of the problems that cause the motor controller to fail to operate normally are caused by poor layout. HF- Motion in the process of independent research and develo ... + Read more

Would the motor controller power supply module and control module be isolated?

It is not necessary to isolate; the isolation is for safety and control performance. So it also depends on your voltage power level, PCB design and product control accuracy requirements. ... + Read more

The Effect of Hall Sensor on Motor Controller

Usually motors are equipped with Hall sensors or encoders with higher precision. This time we will start with Hall sensors with higher universality. Hall sensors are generally distributed inside the motor at an angle of 120 degrees. According to different changes of hall voltage, thus detecting the position of the ... + Read more

HF Motion PCBA Service

In response to different customer groups and requirements, we will provide corresponding services. In order to be able to answer the customer’s doubts and solve the customer’s needs in the shortest possible time. Details are as follows: One-stop Production and Assembly: The factory can complete all PCBA ... + Read more

Things need for PCB Assembly

When we start the PCBA process, we need the following raw materials: Blank rigid PCBBasic electronic components + Customize additional componentsAccording to customer’s requirements, select welding, pasting, testing and other equipment.According to welding equipment, welding components and welding flux are pr ... + Read more

Quick PCBA Production Options

We have different development plans for different customer groups. One of them is the rapid production line. Under this option, the production time of PCBA will be lower than expected, that is to say, the assembly test and delivery can be completed in a shorter time. Fully saving the precious time of customers. Howeve ... + Read more

HF Motion PCBA Advantages

ISO9001, CE, Patent certificate, with many R&D certificates and patent certificates.It has been established for 9 years, with rich experience in production, excellent team management and simple process.A variety of professional equipment can meet the daily needs of customers.Excellent quality, exporting and servin ... + Read more